Scrum Master / Agile Coach

Job description

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou


What do we do?

We're an independent agency obsessed with human behaviour, creativity, technology and communication.

We have a secret sauce: we were the first agency to bring high-tech digital and a high-tech understanding of humans together. This gives LAB the ability to create high performance digital solutions that are elegant, purposeful and extremely effective.


LAB has a consultative approach to almost everything we do. We like to build a deep understanding of our clients and their challenges and use a variety of models and intellectual property to solve those problems.

Our mission is to use our understanding of human behaviour and digital, the modern day superpowers, to help brands succeed. We use our influence to lead our clients, suppliers, partners and network to help create a digital future in which everyone is free to do what they love.

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Scrum Master for approx. 2 Scrum teams

  • Onboarding of team members, ensuring that they understand the methodology within which they will be working

  • Facilitation of internal estimation sessions along with other Scrum Masters within Lab to ensure that potential timelines can be communicated to our clients based on the velocity within the teams

  • Facilitate sprint planning sessions such that work is committed to for the next sprint. 

  • Facilitate daily stand-ups with a view to understand all blockers

  • Collaborate with other Scrum Masters and/or Digital Producers to remove blockers / obstacles or re-plan resources to prevent individuals from being benched

  • Facilitate demos of work done at the end of a sprint to Digital Producers and other necessary stakeholders

  • Facilitate retrospectives at the end of every sprint with the intention of enabling Digital Producers to own the outputs.

    • Ensure that the team learns and evolves the process in order to improve

    • Share findings with the rest of Lab such that we can all learn and evolve the overall process

  • Ownership of sprint plans and resource allocation to achieve work committed

  • Supporting Digital Producers with backlog grooming

  • Supporting Digital Producers with approach to overall delivery. Consulted in the development of high level delivery plans (Gantt Charts)

To give you the maximum chance of success, you will be consulted and made aware of:

  • New Clients as they get onboarded into Lab and the method of working

  • Outcomes of internal decisions with respect to technical solutions proposed, approaches, plans to deliver.

  • Outcomes from other teams retrospectives to ensure we share and embed learnings within teams

Agile Coach (Senior member of the team):

  • Work with other scrum masters / team representatives, on systematic issues, with the intention to resolve recurring issues

  • Communicate overall performance metrics e.g. velocity, upcoming commitments, etc.

  • Coach / mentor other scrum masters in production team to ensuring consistency

  • Foster better communication between Creative / User Experience Design and Development teams

  • Protect the team from external dependencies, leaning on relevant members of the Lab team who are client facing to reduce the risk to teams working on deliverables which aren’t ready due to dependencies which are outside of Lab’s control

  • Strengthen the presence of our team as an Agile centre of excellence. Actively contribute to the company’s Agile and Lean Community. Keep the rest of the company network aware of our activities.

Technical Skills and Experience:

  • Exceptional knowledge of the software development life cycle

  • Certified scrum master/scrum practitioner

  • Knowledge and/or experience of Kanban

  • Excellent communication skills in English in written and spoken form

  • At least 3 years experience working in an agile environment, preferably in a variety of situations

  • Proven track record of instilling and driving agile in a digital environment

Success looks like…

  • The scrum master being the cornerstone to a self managed, high performing team, where everyone knows what it expected from them and goals / commitments are clear.

  • The velocity is reliable and stable, allowing for forecasting and a clear roadmap

  • Impediments / blockers are being extracted and handled effectively and timely, allowing the team to progress.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes, let's learn from those and get better at every iteration

A day in the life might look like…

  • Start the day with an open and curious mind (accompanied by a coffee perhaps).

  • Attending the daily standup, you listen to what is and isn’t being said. Based on your observations, you determine your next steps. This might be coaching, consulting, teaching, facilitating, mentoring, managing, problem solving, conflict navigating.

  • Support the digital producer; is the product backlog in shape / how are stakeholders being managed ?

  • Support the team(s); are they talking to each other and working together / are there conflicts that needs to get resolved / are the team(s) making the necessary decisions to progress effectively and efficiently / adhering to best practices