QA Lead

Job description

Where are we headed?

We’re building an awesome digital agency full of motivated, fun, friendly and intelligent people. In 2003 we started up from a bedroom in Guildford and are now one of the most respected and unique digital agencies in the UK. Every agency says that they do things differently, but we actually do. Our approach focuses on understanding human behaviour and linking the worlds of Neuromarketing and digital together. We are achieving amazing things. We have a secret sauce.

You are part of this team and your mission is to help us grow in every way possible. We want more clients, more amazing colleagues and more awards. We want to get better at what we do, innovate and be creative. We want you to grow as much as us.

Guiding Principles

This is how we play the game at Lab.

  • Both feet

  • It’s not about resources it’s about resourcefulness

  • Clients first, look out for each other, and make the agency a better place



At Lab everyone has at least three things that they are accountable for. These are things that your colleagues count on you to do. For your role, these are:

  • 100% test coverage on all web applications as per specification and design, through various browsers and on various devices
  • Knowledge of what good qualities makes a website successful; from SEO, good UX, security to performance
  • Report on any irregularities
  • Learning and knowledge sharing between SA and UK developers
  • Complete ownership of QA process and management of QA team
  • Ownership of QA department roadmap

Success looks like…

  • Ability to thoroughly test functionality and designs by means of manual and automated where possible
  • Continuous self improvement including certifications where possible
  • Continual improvement in efficiencies of the QA processes
  • Cover all user edge cases that specification might produce and manage critical path testing for clients
  • Team happiness and moral at a high level
  • Team member’s knowledge constantly growing

A day in the life might look like…

  • Brief morning stand up meeting to review daily tasks
  • Prioritising and working on booked jobs, projects and meetings
  • Improve the QA process via implementation of new processes and strategies, upskilling yourself and your team
  • Submit end of day updates

Your greatest challenges will be…

  • Juggling between 3-4 different projects and systems on a day to day basis
  • Keeping up with the knowledge/skill level in order to stay on top in the digital industry
  • Build reliable and maintainable solutions
  • Learning the different frameworks and CMSs that all projects are built on
  • Adapting to agency turnaround times - constant context switching

Your place in the agency and key relationships

  • Report to Head of Office
  • Interact closely with PMs and development team
  • Other daily interactions with various roles from UK and SA, as per need
  • Support

As with all of our roles, most important of all are enthusiasm, a growth mindset and a spirit of resourcefulness!